Our newest collection of furniture is here! Our newest collection of furniture is here!

Cat Hornberger, Owner

I have been buying and selling vintage rugs since 2014.  I spend countless hours curating the collection we sell and continually searching for the best colors and designs.  I love helping people find just what they are looking for and seeing photos of our rugs in their homes!

I am a wife and mother of six young kids (which is where I spend the majority of my time). I am also a former wedding photographer and have a degree in Interior Design. In my spare time, I love playing tennis and rearranging our furniture. My husband tells me he can see it in my eyes when I'm planning to change something in our home.

That is why I love rugs. They can completely change the look and feel of a room. By adding a pop of color or additional layers of texture, a rug can bring so many possibilities! My favorite thing about vintage rugs is that they are all so unique. The imperfections, variations in color, and the wear give them the character you are looking for.  Rugs are art.